About Me

Hello you!

I am Biddy from Yoga Vayu. I am excited to do yoga with you and hand you the tools to be happy with who you are and where you are. Because I do believe that yoga truly can help you do just that!

What yoga means to me

I had chronic back problems for the longest time when my manual therapist suggested I try yoga. Ever since that first day I have been in love with yoga. Not just because it helped me to finally put a stop to my back problems (which it did!), but also because of all the other changes yoga made happen.

My physical condition and stamina improved. I lost weight. I became stronger. And from being the most impatient person I know, I started changing into a calmer personality. I am more relaxed and by that, I am more patient. I feel stronger in so many ways!

I love yoga. With a passion. And I have a yoga mat rolled out in my house always so I can step on it for little bits (or longer bits) all throughout the day. Sometimes it’s sun salutations, often times it’s savasana.

Other Passions

Where Yoga is my big love, I do have other passions too! I have always loved music, both playing and listening. Bringing yoga and music together like we sometimes do with live music classes, is like a dream to me! I love reading, yoga-related or not  (Have you read  The Beam? Or Eleanor Olyphant is completely fine?) I love travel, art, and I have a passionate relationship with food and coffee.

Joost is my amazing other half. We live in Delft together with Jilly, the cutest pup ever, that we co-parent with my mom. Our adorably cute dog lights up my day every day and I love it when she comes to stretch on the mat with me.

There is so much that I love and that is what I share with you in my classes. To help you find something that you LOVE on the mat. Even if you are not feeling well or if something is bothering you I think the practice of yoga can help you find something to feel good about. Moving and breathing within the possibilities your body gives you, it can be a different experience every day! I want to help you to tune into your body, so you can practice yoga in a way that will be good and feel good for you!

Always learning

Right after finishing my RYT200 Flow Yoga teacher training I started teaching flow and vinyasa yoga classes in the area in and around Delft and Den Haag.

This year I am continuing my studies with Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kids Yoga.

Constantly inspired

In my classes I see many different types of people. They are an inspiration. A small example: Every week I work with people who live with Traumatic Brain Injury. To move and breathe with them, to see how yoga is having a positive impact on their day to day life, makes me not only happy, but grateful that I get to be a part of that. Just like that, in every other class I teach, there are ALWAYS moments that touch me. That spark SOMETHING inside of me.

My teacher influencers are many, but some I do want to mention here: Judith Hanson Lasater, Lizzie Lasater, Adriene Mishler, Erica Jago, Shiva Rea, Max Strohm and Mary Richards are some of the voices in my head and heart. I take a little of their teachings with me, every time I step on the mat.

I would love to meet you and see what we can do together practicing yoga on (and off!) the mat. Are you ready to find something you love?