Here you’ll find an overview of all our regular and planned classes. If you want to book your spot for class online, you can do that here!

Womanhood Studio

Slow Flow
Every Monday: 9:15 – 10:15 (starts January 15th)
To book this class go to the Womanhood Studio booking system here!

Yoga for Beginners Workshop
Every third Friday of the month: 19:00 – 21:30

Private classes / Private group classes
By appointment, contact me for more information!

At the Pier:

Stretch & Chill
Every Saturday: 10 – 11 am


Private Session / private group class
By appointment, contact me for more information!

Classes at Active Health Center Leidschenveen:

Every Thursday: 9 pm
To book this class please contact Active Health Center!

Classes at Middin:

For Middin’s clients with Aqcuired Brain Injury, Yoga Vayu teaches 2 yoga classes every Friday afternoon. The first class is chair yoga, the second class is on the mat! Are you interested? Contact me about the possibilities!

Events / workshops:

Thanks to Kreativ Events I can offer classes at very special locations! You can come join me in class at the Boulevard, or at the Scheveningen Pier! You can find Yoga Vayu at the markets and festivals they organize in the Den Haag area! Combine a day of shopping, listening to music and tasty food with yoga! I will have a mat ready for you, all you have to bring is comfortable clothing and you can step on the mat! All classes are donation based classes, so you pay what you can!

  • Dates for 2018 will be posted as we plan!

Yoga Vayu at the office:

Do you want to practice yoga, but you just can’t find the time? I will come to your place of work to teach! All we need is space, a conference room or pantry could do the trick! I will bring mats, blocks and towels and can teach a class during your lunch break or right after work! Ideally classes take 75 minutes, but an hour class will be great too! Contact me for more information!

Yoga Vayu for a special occasion:

Are you looking for an original gift for someone? Want to throw a party that’s different? Or maybe you want to book a regular class at a time that is right for you? We can come to your home, your backyard, or we can meet in the park / on the beach! Together we can make it a special occasion! I will bring mats, and music. After class, you can chill and enjoy some homemade iced tea! Perfect to start of a picnic with!

1 on 1

Maybe you are shy, or you have an injury that makes joining a public class uncomfortable? Contact me and we can see if I can help you! Maybe a few 1 on 1 classes are just what you need!