Vayu (वायु): Air – Wind

At Yoga Vayu the goal is that when you step of your mat, you will feel good. Not just about the yoga class you just took, but about yourself!

The world we are living in is a busy one. There is always something you can be doing or things you need to take care of. It’s not easy to make time for you.  That is why during class the emphasis will be on the fact that I know it wasn’t easy to make it to the mat and we will optimize the time you made! The time we’ll spend together doing yoga is meant to leave the outside world for what it is, outside. We will focus on ourselves and during class you will focus on you, your body, your breath,  your mind and how you are feeling at that moment.

We will practice flow yoga, with a critical alignment base. Flow yoga found its name because of the fluid transitions from one asana (yoga pose) to another. Everything is connected. The transitions and asanas create a flow that might make it easier for you to forget about the world around you! The critical alignment base means I am also focusing on making sure your movements are in line with the natural shape and posture of your body.

Yoga is more than a wonderful way to get away from a busy schedule, it’s also a healthy way to spend your time! Each class has a buildup, we start by letting go of all we have to do and all we have to think about. Then we warm up your body as we work towards the asanas. These will increase your heartrate and we will get a good workout, especially in a flow. Not only that, you will build on core and muscle strength too! Every class will end with a well-deserved relaxation, like a yummy dessert!


I teach on location in the greater Delft / Den Haag area. Not only is there a calendar with planned classes, I can also come teach near you! It could be at your place of work, at home or on location in a park or on the beach!

Go to Book your class to see when and where you can join a class. Come back and check the calendar often, I am working on several projects and will update the calendar regularly! If you can’t make the classes we have planned, or if you want to organize something at a location of your choosing? Contact me and we can see what we can work out together! More information about classes and class options can be found here!