A Christmas Celebration

Saturday December 15th
10:00 – 12:00 at our special location at De Pier, Scheveningen

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How we’ll celebrate?
step 1: Yoga

You are invited to join me for a extended Slow Flow Class. We will flow in a Stretch & Chill way, not only to the rhythm of our breath, but also to a special Christmas Holiday Inspired Playlist to get us in the mood for the celebrations throughout the month.

The flow will focus on looking back at the year you have had. Releasing the things that we want to let go off and taking note of the good things that happened.

step 2: Yoga Nidra

After our slow flow, we cosy up. Put on warm socks, curl up under the blankets and get comfortable as I guide you through a very special Yoga Nidra. As we took time to look back during our Yoga Flow, this Nidra will guide you into a deeper relaxation and while we will look back, we also start looking forward. Focusing on setting your intention for the new year to come. (if none of this speaks to you, don’t worry, in that case you will get a wonderful relaxing and guided savasana!).

If you would like to know more about Yoga Nidra, or maybe try a recording of a Nidra sessions by yours truly, go back to the August newsletter!

step 3: Homemade Yogi Tea

Like at last years party, there will be homemade Yogi Tea and some nice snacks and nibbles to enjoy after class! (Please let me know before if there are any dietary needs I should be aware of!)
step 4: Take home your Christmas gift!
Of course I will not let you go home without a little something to thank you. Thank you for coming to class this year. Thank you for being the awesome person that you are. Thank you for celebrating with me!

In short:

75 minute Slow Flow with Yoga Nidra
Homemade tea and snacks
Christmas gift
Price: €22,50

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