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Coming Home Retreat 2022

From our homes to yours - November 11-12-13

November 11-12-13

What is Coming Home?

Coming Home 2022

A weekend filled with things that will nurture your body, mind and soul.

We will create that by offering you a combination of all the things our teachers love the most:
▫ We will move in Yoga Classes (for all experience and ability levels)
▫ We will find stillness in meditation and Yoga Nidra
▫ We will be curious as we create
▫ We will learn more about our own body
▫ We breathe
▫ We will sing
▫ We will gather
▫ We will be ourselves

Coming Home is for you if:

▫ You could use help to take better care  of yourself
▫ You always wanted to try a retreat but don't want to travel or spend a fortune
▫ You are curious about your body and mind
▫ You would love to practice different ways of self care
▫ You want inspiration to make things meaningful
▫ You are interested to find out just how much you can do in your home
▫ You love gathering with like-minded people
▫ You are open to discover new things about yourself
▫ You like movement, rest, getting creative, connection and fun

Choose the package that fits you best

We know life is getting more expensive for everyone. We want to offer this retreat to everyone that might need it, and we think we all need it. That's why our prices will not go up this year. Our pricing will remain the same as it was in 2021.


Early Bird: € 99 - Standard €129

Live Access to all workshops on November 11-12-13

Access to extra digital content before the Retreat starts, to help you ease your way into the retreat.

Assistance from our teachers during the retreat.

A digital Workbook

Opportunities to connect to your teachers and fellow participants in the open zoom rooms between workshops and in our private online community.

Curated Playlists

A safe environment where you can set your own pace and be yourself.

14 days access to the recordings of the workshops


Early Bird: € 149 - Standard €179
Registration for the Deluxe has now closed. The Digital Deluxe is now available: extra discounts + lifetime access to all recordings: € 149

Live Access to all workshops on November 11-12-13

A goodie package sent to your home (sign up before October 18 to make sure your package arrives in time!)

Access to extra digital content before the Retreat starts, to help you ease your way into the retreat.

Assistance from our teachers during the retreat.

A digital Workbook

Opportunities to connect to your teachers and fellow participants in the open zoom rooms between workshops and in our private online community.

Curated Playlists

A safe environment where you can set your own pace and be yourself.

Life long access to the recordings of the workshops

Need financial assistance? We have some space to help you if you feel you should join us, but your financial situation makes that hard.
Reach out and let us know by sending an email to

Use our time table to plan your weekend!

You will learn more about the details of the workshops in the videos introducing our teachers below!

Open Zoom Rooms are like the garden or tea room of an in person event. One of us will always be present online
to keep those that don’t want to be alone company. Maybe in silence, maybe with a chat.


Early Bird:Friday September 9 - September 30
Standard Pricing starts October 1
Deluxe registration ends October 18 at which point the Digital Deluxe becomes available.

Your Coming Home Teachers

Get to know your teachers and hosts


Biddy is the creator and host of Coming Home. She is a certified 500+ hours Yoga teacher that is fascinated by movement and the mind/body connection. In her in-person and online classes she combines her knowledge by creating movement classes that focus on feeling and sensation instead of recreating an image or picture. She teaches both group and one-on-one classes. She also organizes retreats, in person and online, is the host of the Show Up & Surrender Podcast and founder of Video by Biddy where she creates video portaits.

Among other Yoga styles she is certified in Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and recently finished the Modern Yoga teacher training that focuses on embodied moment. Her goal is to have you leave your practice feeling good about what you did and even more: good about yourself.

Join Biddy for the Opening and Closing Circles, the Yoga Nidra and meet her in the Open Zoom Rooms!


Lina is a breath, mindfulness and yoga guide who cares about people being aware of their awesomeness and choose to navigate the ebb and flow of life feeling connected, embodied, regulated and nourished.

She’s currently leading monthly group Nourishing Breath Circle sessions and offers 1:1 yoga, breathwork and self-awareness coaching that equip one with tools to nurture their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being best at any given moment – on and off the mat.


Stephen is a poet and 200 hour yoga teacher based in the UK. Stephen writes extensively but not exclusively about his life as a wheelchair user. He is the author of two poetry collections for adults and in 2023 he will be publish his first collection for children as well as his first picture book.

As a yoga teacher he teaches yoga that is suitable for every body type, without judgement. Stephen specializes in yoga for helping you discover new things about your body and reconnecting with other parts you may have forgotten. So, if you decide to practice yoga with Stephen he’ll guide you through a calming practice which works for you, while leaving you empowered by what your body is capable of.


Eva is a lover of movement and fascinated by the human body! As a yoga teacher she offers her students accessible ways to connect to movement, breath and unapologetically inhabiting their bodies.  

Eva is a certified 300-hour Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She loves bringing creative elements to her classes and workshops - from functional movement, dance to somatic practices and self-massaging.

She is also a portrait photographer and writer of poetry. The art she creates is playful, honest and always linked with her passion for human bodies and their stories. 


Marie comes from France and is a yoga practitioner and teacher as well as a pastry chef. Although her favorite yoga styles are Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin, she likes to pick ideas from different styles to create classes that are varied, nourishing and always accessible to all. In addition to teaching yoga, she also loves to hold space for people to develop their creativity, through varied workshops.


Ely is a creative human. She writes, sings on her ukulele, doodles, embroiders, and paints as a way to navigate overwhelm in a professional world that values productivity and competition over everything.  

While she's currently left her "entrepreneur" label behind for a while, she still uses Instagram and other opportunities like Coming Home to encourage fellow humans to ditch hustle culture habits and explore how to replace them with creative flow and restorative work routines.


Ines Schubi helps self-employed women stop stressing about food and their bodies so they can feel confident, energized and invest their new mental space and time into growing their business 🚀

She does that by empowering them with knowledge and by giving them the tools to explore plant-based nutrition, intuitive eating and Ayurveda! She runs a guided community experience called Nourishing Circle that helps them take small weekly experiments to feel lighter, be more intuitive, more confident, and eat more plants, all while having fun and eating delicious food!


Born and raised in Paris, Morgane is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Sports Nutritionist living in Thailand since 2016. Practicing yoga, breathwork and meditation herself for more than 15 years, she certified as a yoga teacher in 2021.

She is now offering her holistic lifestyle coaching services to individuals and organizations, seeking to reach their full potential through balanced lifestyle, nutrition, movement and mindfulness.


Yasmae specializes in holistic healing through physiotherapy, yoga and plant medicine.


with special guest Lars sørensen

I am Marthe van Vloten, yogateacher and massage therapist. Since 2016 I have been traveling and studying in Australia, Thailand, Bali and India. And 2 years ago I started my own bussines 'Marthe Yoga and Healing'.  

Since one year I'm organizing Kirtans (singing mantra's together) with my harmonium. I love doing this event, it's a practice to come close to our Hearts. Soon I will go back to India to study and travel for some time.

Joining Marthe is Lars. With Dragonfly Rituals he loves to create and facilitate rituals of transformation. His inspiration are the elements. His tools are his fire, music,  breath and hands. In humble service of the great now.


I am a body-oriented therapist, specialized in trauma. Besides giving individual (trauma) therapy sessions I also host TRE® workshops. TRE® is a beautiful method to learn how to use the body's own natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating to releases muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. This will calm down your body and your nervous system. Your body will be encouraged to return back to a state of balance. TRE® is a method which, after you learn it from a TRE® provider, you can use everyday by yourself.

I think our body is fascinating, it holds all the information that can help and heal us. It knows our story (with its possible traumas), and can lead us out of our obstacles and patterns. When we learn more about our body, and connect to our autonomic nervous system we can understand ourselves better and on a deeper level. I believe that befriending your own body and nervous system will help you live your life to the fullest of your potential.


After almost 20 years in the hair industry Zahnina decided to change course so she can focus fully on what makes her heart happy.

She is following her path built on trust, surrender and her passion to connect people to each other and themselves. To do this she utilizes different approaches of energy work, including LEAP and reiki. She loves to take people on a journey in her sessions to show them how beautiful and powerful their life energy is.

Join Zahnina for a morning session that will get your energy flowing for the rest of the day as she will tell you more about how she works with energy!