I have been on an amazing trip for a few weeks now and it has been such an incredible experience. Not only have I seen the most beautiful landscapes, I have also had the opportunity to take several classes with one of my greatest inspirations. Adriene (Yoga With Adriene) is such a great yoga teacher, but so much more than that. She is so warm, welcoming and very funny. She makes me want to be a good teacher. The way she makes the people she teaches feel, is what inspired me to want to become a yoga instructor myself.

She has shown me what yoga can do. For you. To you. How it can help you and challenge you at the same time. She got me hooked on yoga, by being enthusiastic, by making the classes fun to do. By getting hooked on yoga I started to feel different. My body got stronger, my back hurt me less and less. I started feeling so much better since I started practicing regularly. And that is exactly what I want to bring to other people. Help them to feel good, feel better. Not just physically, but better in general too. Yoga is a wonderful way to become aware of what your body needs to feel better.

This trip, being in her classes, got me so excited for when I come back home and can get started! I also had a chance to go to the monthly Yoga at the Blanton Museum, which has been on my wish list to attend since I heard that was a thing! It was amazing and made me look forward to the classes I will be teaching in public places soon! (Yes, more on that soon!) I am excited to show people how much yoga can do for you. How much farther it goes then a pretty pose, even though the pretty poses are cool! To find a way to connect to your body. To be able to feel what it needs and then be able to give it just that. So you can feel happy in your body, the way it is right now. Sore as it may be, tired as it may be. To have yoga help you find the good spots.

My trip is far from over. There are some more beautiful yoga moments coming up. But I know I will have much to look forward to when I fly back home!


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