Getting Elevated

After Texas I traveled on to Chicago, one of my favorite places to be! Together with my cousin I had yet another amazing yoga experience! Very early on a Saturday morning we left for Willis Tower. Or as most people know it (and still call it) Sears Tower. On the 99th floor we would have an 8am vinyasa class, organized by Yoga Six! Before the class would start however, we had private access to the observation desk, including the awesome skyboxes. These are boxes attached to the building, but sticking out of it and completely transparent on all sides, including the bottom! So before class started, 200 yogi’s gathered and patiently waited their turn to step in to the box and take pictures. An incredible feeling. I had been to Sears tower many times before, but never before the doors open to the public. The lack of lines to get in, the not having to share a skybox with other people and the private elevators were all such cool experiences! Practicing asanas in the skybox with someone so special to me was indescribable.

Class itself took place on an empty floor, now filled with 200 yogis, all facing the windows, 1 yoga teacher on a mic, a dj playing non traditional but awesome music to flow to and every time I looked up from my mat I saw the beautiful city and Lake Michigan. I literally am running out of words to describe how incredible it was. Maybe the pictures will show you!

Such an inspiration too…. You can do yoga ANYWHERE! And there will be those times where you’ll be lost for words in the best possible way! With that knowledge I am back home and back at work! June 5th will kick off the first of Yoga Vayu’s classes on location! Stay tuned and check our website for the details that will be posted soon! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date. Soon the website will receive an update and hold all the info you’ll need and of course that will be on all our social media too! I can’t wait to meet you on the mat!


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