Meet Eva – the photgrapher of all Yoga Vayu’s best pictures!

“Who takes those gorgeous pictures of you?” A question I have heard a few times, not to mention all the times I received compliments for the pictures we use on the website and social media. I think it is long overdue that I officially introduce you to Evamaria Kulovits, the wonderful woman behind the camera!

A little over a year ago I was in Berlin along with a few hundred other yoga lovers, to enjoy a special masterclass led by Adriene Mishler. I rolled out my mat between two very special women. To my left was Leonie, with whom I was attending all the FWFG Roadshow masterclasses (Adriene’s European tour). To my right was Eva, whom I had talked to before but this was the very first time we met face to face.

Not long after we met and practiced yoga together in Berlin, Eva moved from Vienna to the Netherlands with her beautiful family. I still see it as pure luck on my side, that they moved to Scheveningen!

Eva is a very special and beautiful woman. A warm personality that transfers her passion into the photo’s she takes. Doing a photoshoot with Eva is an absolute treat. Her enthusiasm, along with the calm she radiates put you at ease instantly. I love how she works, she just needs a few words to position you without giving you the feeling that you are posing for a photo. There is room to be yourself, relax and have fun! During the shoots I have done with her, we have so much fun times flies by.

Then when the email comes with the link to your pictures, it’s simply amazing. Every time they are all I had hoped they would be and more. They show me the way I feel, the way I AM. Her eye for detail and composition are so natural and always spot on. That is what makes every photo unique and authentic.

I am so happy to call this talented woman one of my dearest friends. She inspires me in so many things I do. We are working on a package deal we want to offer, where we combine the practice of yoga with photography. So, stay tuned! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know!

In the mean time, don’t hesitate and contact Eva to make your memories!

Find her here:
Instagram: @kulovitse
Facebook:  EvamariaKulovitsPhotography


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