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We are one

In the past few weeks I had a the same conversation with a couple of women, that I both love and admire. We have all been very busy, and all of us are self-employed (yoga, photography, jewelry designer). Being self-employed sometimes makes it very hard to not get carried away! You get happy and enthusiastic and everything that comes on your path that you believe in, you want to do!


Often times, being self-employed means that your house, your home, is also where you do most of your work. And even when you have a studio you work at, it’s hard to stop your brain from continuously trying to figure out what you can do, what you should do and what you want to do! It’s tempting to just keep working. But it is so important to also make time to relax and let yourself unwind. The relaxation I try to give every one during savasana, I sometimes forget to have myself!


I decided to actually start planning time for ME, at least half a day per week. That doesn’t mean I don’t make more time than that to not work. But this time is more than not working. Here I plan time to be actually alone and do only things that are relaxing and help me unwind. Things that make me smile, that make me happy. How to spend the time is completely open to how I feel at that moment, but it has to be something that makes me spend time on myself. Of course during this time, there is no work, no phone calls and no emails.


I have spent these hours in different ways. I have gotten a massage, followed by drinking tea while staring out over the sea. A recurring relaxation for me is a hot Epsom salt bath with a hint of eucalyptus, a scented candle, a blue mud mask on my face and a podcast to listen to. Another time I took a walk into the city and treated myself to a good coffee. Often I step on my yoga mat without pen and paper, with the promise to myself not to think of upcoming classes to teach. Yoga just for me, sometimes I flow, sometimes I just breathe. And sometimes I sit on my couch, cozy up underneath a blanket and binge watch Netflix with a few good snacks….

Try it

Maybe you know what I’m talking about? If you naturally tend to keep going, maybe this can also help you find more relaxation? I use a Bullet Journal and plan one week ahead every weekend (look for more information on Bullet Journaling look here!). I promise myself to plan at least half a day for me 😉 Let me know if this works for you, should you try it! Or maybe you have other tips? How do you make time for you, to relax? I’d love to hear from you, leave your tips and ideas in the comments!

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