Schedule change for classes on the Pier!

Starting in November there will be a few changes in our schedule!

A lot of people have told me that they can’t make it to Wednesday afternoon class because they have the kids home from school. Starting November 8, this class will move to the morning. Every week at 10 am you can get energized in our one hour class! Hopefully this gives everybody enough time to make it to the Pier for practice, and back to other activities without having to rush!

Even though the idea was appealing to a lot of people, the Friday evening class was hard for people to come to as it was around dinner time for most people. That is why Flow to the Music will also move to the morning. Starting November 10, practice will start at 10:30 am. If you have a preference for a music theme, please let me know when you book your class! I will try to cater to requests!

Saturday’s 10 am class is unchanged! The group of regular yogi’s is growing and it has been an absolute pleasure for me to teach this class every week! There is still room for a few more people, so if you want to stretch your way in to the weekend, don’t hesitate and sign up!

Signing up to class can be done here, or through our page at Momoyoga!

Wednesday:  10:00 am – Energize
Friday:               10:30 am – Flow to the Music
Saturday:         10:00 am – Stretch & Chill

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