Slow Flow with Live Music

So as you know we have had our first event at Womanhood Studio. I didn’t have time sooner to write about it, and even though so many things have happened since, I now want to go back to that day and tell you!

First of all, I loved it! It was an amazing and special day. Chester from Yoguitar and I had not met before. We had talked on the phone and through e-mail. And somehow that did not worry me for one second. I just knew this would be good and it was. Chester played guitar and hang and it sounds so beautiful, both of them. We connected and the music supported to flow so wonderfully.

We had a small group of 6 Yogi’s, some experienced and also one who had not done yoga before. We flowed consciously and slowly, like one of my favorite teacher sometimes says:

Like you’re moving through water

(Thank you Adriene!) Allowing us to quiet down, let all the outside world take a step back and focus on us. Self Care has been my motto all month, in all my classes. This flow was the starting point and it set the bar high.

The music made forgetting about the outside world for a few hours easy. I loved watching the relaxation slowly take over the bodies of these beautiful yogi’s. Recent studies show that music does not only help us relax, it can help heal both physical and mental health problems. Such a powerful and beautiful thing.

While we were flowing inside, outside the world turned white underneath a beautiful and peaceful white blanket. It’s like the calm that came over us, had spread to outside. Thank you to Chester L. Brandes from Yoguitar and Womanhood Studio. It was such a pleasure to work together! We will do this again next year, so keep an eye on our newsletters and website. For now I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I hope it’s filled with music, warmth, love and and laughter.

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  1. How amazing and soothing it was, I can’t explain.
    I felt at peace with the world and most of all with myself. Thank you!

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