Summer Sukha – By the Sea Retreat

Like most yoga teachers and instructors will tell you, when you start teaching it’s sometimes hard to hold on to your own practice. You spent much time preparing the classes you’ll teach, sometimes researching, finding the exact right music, the theme, mulling over the message you want to put in to your class. You have to promote your class, write the right social media posts, make sure everything is in order. Before you know it a week has passed and you didn’t step on the mat for YOU. And everyone knows that your teachers will tell you “don’t lose your own practice”. Just last Sunday in my Nidra teacher training, our teacher told us:

“the more  you teach, the more you need your own practice”.

Mind you, I do still get on my mat almost daily, for me. But not always with the same intensity as I did before I started teaching. Sometimes the passion isn’t there. I practice Restorative Yoga most when I get on the mat for me, which I love. But sometimes I miss my more active practice, I miss the flow. There are days I will not get up early enough, or wait to go to bed until I’m too tired and I only give me myself a few breaths in Tadasana. “A little goes a long way” as one of my favorite teacher always reminds us. But sometimes a little is just that. A little. And there are times I long for more.

So when I decided to go to Cornwall on a Yoga and photography retreat with my amazing friend Eva, that was my main goal. To relish in my own practice. To not focus on how the class is taught, but to surrender and give in to the classes. All of them. Not just the yoga, but the photography and surf classes as well. And I am so happy I did.

The By the Sea retreat was perfectly organized by the amazing Jo Riley and Julia Rose. All we had to do was show up, be present and we would be guided through amazing workshops and then told where we could go next for our next beautiful moment.

The Yoga

Oh the yoga. It’s hard not to pay attention to how the class is being taught, when it is taught by Julia Rose. The sequences, the flow, the attention to the body. It was like rediscovering Yoga all over again. Such an inspiration. Our photography classes were such a treat. Lara Platman took us back to the beginning and got us to look. Really look and see, before you even take out your camera. And then she taught us how to use our camera’s to capture what we saw. The evening Yoga classes with Jo Riley where right up my alley. My beloved Restorative Yoga was there among Yin and Hatha, and it was perfect to end the day on our mats listening to the waves rolling in and out that breathtaking Porthmeor Beach. I found passion, my practice. I fell in love even deeper with it. And I brought it back, intending to take it with me in every class I do. As both a teacher and as a student.

I haven’t even mentioned the amazing women I met, the beautiful Cornish scenery, the delicious food and the laughter that accompanied every day. I fell not only deeper in love with Yoga, I fell in love with this place. St. Ives, I can’t wait to see you again!

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