A few weeks back I wrote about how my Yoga practice is also my private playground (it’s in the blog about the magic of Yoga ?) and sometimes when you feel a little blue, enjoying a little playtime is the best thing you can do.

I have been sick with the flu, sinuses have been painful, it just hasn’t been a good few weeks. But now the fever has been gone for a few days and I started doing more on my mat besides Savasana and Restorative Yoga. (Always do savasana babe, it’s the best thing. Ever.) For the past few years there have been poses that have been hard for me. Some of you may know I’ve had several surgeries, my wrist, elbow and shoulder. And even though I can do so much more than we ever thought I could again (thanks to my miracle worker surgeon) I figured some poses just weren’t for me. And that is okay. There are PLENTY poses that I can do and that I love!

But yesterday as I played around on my mat I wanted to see if maybe something changed and I surprised myself when I easily pushed myself up into urdhva dhanurasana. No protest in my wrist or shoulders! Some protest in my head as my sinuses are still bothering me, but that was it! It made me smile.

It also made me think that sometimes you do have to try things you think (or even know) you can’t do. I always have a hard time walking the line between being happy with what you have and can do VS pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to find new opportunities and achieve new goals. Anyone recognize that? I’d love to hear how you deal what that!

Anyways I wanted to share my joy about finding that even 5 years after my last surgery I am still getting stronger! Now I’m off to class, taking my happy vibes with me. See you on the mat soon!

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  1. Don’t tell her, but my daughter always challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. May it be with small things or significant things, she does. And because she does, my friends think that I’m smart and very modern with f.i. social media and modern technics.
    But also in my choices concerning music, books and what not. I’m a grateful mom?❤️

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