About Yoga Vayu

Vayu (वायु): Air – Wind

At Yoga Vayu I will use my enthusiasm on the yoga mat, to give you the tools to be happy with who and where you are today.

I teach flow lessons, with a critical alignment influence. Flow lessons, like the name says, has one pose flowing over into the other. Everything is connected, and by getting in to the flow it’s even easier to forget about the world and focus on the moment. The critical alignment influence means that I will pay extra attention to your posture and natural alignment during practice. Together we will make sure all the poses are practiced in a way that is fitting to your body.

I’ve found that many people around think you need to be flexible and “zen” to practice yoga. That you need to be a calm person to do it. However…

You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga! Although regular practice might make you more flexible! And being zen is something people usually say when they mean have inner peace. My personal take on that is that I was everything BUT calm or “zen” when I started practicing, I found it was a great way to actually find some form of relaxation, to let go of some stress. And every practice is different, some classes you might find yourself stressed when you come in and zenned out when we go in to our relaxation at the end!

Soon our website will offer more information on how you can come practice with Yoga Vayu!