Out of Office

Starting Tuesday I will be away for a training. Check below to see what that means for this week’s classes!

During my training only pen and paper are allowed! So it will be off the grid most. Should you need me, please send me an email or call to leave a message!

Wednesday – Yoga Flow at Active Health Center Ypenburg

Unfortunately this class might be cancelled as it has been hard to find a replacement teacher! To be sure check with AHC on the day!

Thursday’s Yoga Flow at Active Health Center Leidschenveen

This class will be taught by Evamaria! She is not only a very dear friend of mine, she is also someone who feels about yoga the same way I do! I am confident I am leaving you in the best possible hands and she is working within our theme for March! So twist into spring with her and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @yogaevita

Friday’s classes at Middin

These are canceled this week also because of the training.

Saturday’s class at De Pier in Scheveningen

This class will also be taught by the amazing Evamaria! She will help you Stretch & Chill your way into the weekend.

Welcome Spring with our Live Music Flow

In the last weekend of winter we have a very special day for you.

Join us on the mat as we flow while Chester from Yoguitar guides us through our practice beautifully. He will play both guitar and hang, supporting our flow and deepening our relaxation in savasana. Let’s close off winter together, take time to reflect and then open our hearts to spring. Focus on what is coming.
When we were on our mats together last time, a few weeks before Christmas, the snow flakes started falling as we found a peaceful savasana. This time it will be only a few more days until spring. Let’s open our selves up for warmer and sunnier times together as we enjoy the warming and healing power of live music.
Enjoy a private concert on your mat and welcome spring with us at Womanhood studio!

Why Yoga for Beginners?

So often when I tell people what I do, or when I talk to people that I meet at the studio’s I teach or the events where I offer donation based yoga, they give me an explanation on why they don’t do yoga. It ranges from “I’m not Zen” to “I’m not flexible” and “my body doesn’t bend that way”.

I think it’s because a lot of people who have not practiced yoga, get the idea of what yoga is from what we see in pictures or movies. Beautiful men and women, set in gorgeous surroundings balancing on one arm or tapping their toes to the back of theirs heads while back bending. Pictures of classes full with strong and toned bodies. So am I saying this is not yoga? I am not. That too is a part of yoga. But there is so much more to yoga than just that…

And that is what I want, what I hope, to explain to people in our Yoga for Beginners workshop. It’s a chance to tell people that yoga is more than the asana practice we do in class, A chance to explain that yoga is not just working to have your fingers touch your toes. Yoga is the journey there, Yoga is learning to recognize what your body is telling you. Yoga is a wonderful way to explore what you CAN do. We sometimes tend to focus on what we can’t, I think that’s why so many people tell me what they lack to practice. But at the same time there is so much we can do. And for me that is what Yoga is about. Learning and discovering all our possibilities. I am not saying we can’t strive towards becoming more flexible and stronger. We can! But for me, yoga has helped me to be happy with all that I CAN do. Right now.

Picture by Evamaria Kulovits

So what can you expect during the workshop? We will talk yoga! I will start by telling why I love it and why I think it is so much fun to do! I will tell you about the eight limbs of yoga, of which the asana practice is one. We will then start practicing, first pranayama, breathing. Then we will focus on a few of the asana, the poses. We will take our time to dive in to these poses, learn how to find the version of the pose that is right for your body. You will use your breathing help you focus and find relaxation in the pose.

If you are curious, if you are willing to come to class with an open mind, I will be so excited to tell you about how yoga can help you get to know yourself better.

Join me at our beautiful Womanhood Studio in the heart of the historic city center of Delft. We have a Yoga for Beginners Workshop every third Friday of the month, the next one is coming up on February 16th. Sign up here and I look forward to seeing you there!

It’s 2018….

…….and I still have to post about our Christmas Party!

Things have been busy. If all goes to plan there will be a few new blog post following each other rather quickly to update you about what is going on and what is cooking!

But let me close of 2017 completely first….

Our Christmas Yoga and Photoshoot Party was wonderful! We had a lovely group of enthusiastic yogi’s and from the very first moment all the way through to the last hug goodbye, the party was fun, loving and warm. We decorated the studio with lights and I have to say that I don’t think it has looked as pretty before! The pictures Evamaria shot are stunning. So I will let the pictures show you how amazing it was.  Thank you once more to all yogi’s that stepped on the mat with us and flowed to Christmas Carols. It was so awesome to do this with you!

I can’t wait to step on the mat with you again soon! Namaste.

Slow Flow with Live Music

So as you know we have had our first event at Womanhood Studio. I didn’t have time sooner to write about it, and even though so many things have happened since, I now want to go back to that day and tell you!

First of all, I loved it! It was an amazing and special day. Chester from Yoguitar and I had not met before. We had talked on the phone and through e-mail. And somehow that did not worry me for one second. I just knew this would be good and it was. Chester played guitar and hang and it sounds so beautiful, both of them. We connected and the music supported to flow so wonderfully.

We had a small group of 6 Yogi’s, some experienced and also one who had not done yoga before. We flowed consciously and slowly, like one of my favorite teacher sometimes says:

Like you’re moving through water

(Thank you Adriene!) Allowing us to quiet down, let all the outside world take a step back and focus on us. Self Care has been my motto all month, in all my classes. This flow was the starting point and it set the bar high.

The music made forgetting about the outside world for a few hours easy. I loved watching the relaxation slowly take over the bodies of these beautiful yogi’s. Recent studies show that music does not only help us relax, it can help heal both physical and mental health problems. Such a powerful and beautiful thing.

While we were flowing inside, outside the world turned white underneath a beautiful and peaceful white blanket. It’s like the calm that came over us, had spread to outside. Thank you to Chester L. Brandes from Yoguitar and Womanhood Studio. It was such a pleasure to work together! We will do this again next year, so keep an eye on our newsletters and website. For now I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I hope it’s filled with music, warmth, love and and laughter.

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Womanhood Studio

I am so very thrilled to introduce you to Womanhood Studio. This beautiful place stole my heart the minute I walked in.

My first experience was the vinyasa class on Tuesday morning led by Maggie Bijl. It was delicious 🙂 I met Tami, the owner of the studio and I felt right at home right then and there.

Now, a few months down the road I am excited to say I am now working with Tami and the other amazing women working at Womanhood! I am there (almost) every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Feel free to stop by so I can show you the studio, tell you more about what we do there.  There is so much going on there! From vinyasa to nia, from aerial to pilates, and so so much more! Also I will be hosting workshops there! The first one is coming up soon.

On Sunday December 10th we are hosting a Slow Flow to Live Music! Chester from Yoguitar will be playing live as we focus on ourselves. Forget about how busy you are for a moment, for the two hours we will spend together we focus on just YOU.  This whole month I will focus on Self Care in all my classes, but during this workshop we have the time and opportunity to dive in just that little bit deeper!  There are still spots available, so please register your spot now! We’d love to see you there. All information can be found here.

Listen to a sample of Yoguitar‘s music here!

In January I will start teaching a weekly class there. But we will save that news for a later update 😉 Until then, be sure to stop by and check out all the other wonderful classes and workshops that are organized there. And don’t let the name fool you, men are very welcome in the hood too 😉

Here’s a look at the studio in an Instagram video I made a few weeks ago!

Womanhood Studio

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Book and pay your classes online!

It has been possible for a while to book your class online. Starting now you can also pay for your classes online. Walk right on to your mat when you arrive and when you get up out of savasana, no need to think of payments. Online payments are done with iDeal, though Stichting Mollie. You can choose a single class for €12,50 or one of our package deals. 5 classes for €55,- or 10 classes for €100,-.

Customers who had already bought a class package will see that their package has been added to their Momoyoga account. The remaining classes in your package also show. Every time you book a class, this will get deducted from your package automatically. Should something come up, we of course understand. You can cancel your booking free of cost, up to 2 hours before class. Your class will be added back in to your package. If you bought a single class, the money will be put into your Momoyoga account and you can choose another class to use it for, within 4 months. If 4 months does not give you enough time, please let us know!

You can also still pay at the reception desk when you come to class. You can buy both single classes and packages here. The only exception to this, are our events. These require payment upon booking.  Events can be cancelled up to 2 days before the date. If needed, please contact biddy@yogavayu.nl.

I hope booking your spot is even easier now and if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



Quick news update! We have added an event page (back) on our website because we have 2 beautiful events coming up!

The first is at Womanhood Studio in Delft! This studio is amazing and I will write a blog post soon about how lucky I am that I get to collaborate with Tami and the other teachers at this cool spot! For now I will give you the link to our upcoming event on December 10th there:

Slow Flow with Live Music – a self care themed workshop.

The next event is one week later on Saturday the 16th! We invite you to come to the Pier and celebrate the season with us at our Christmas Party! This event is organized together with Evamaria Kulovits Photography and you can find all the details here:

Yoga Christmas Party

Schedule change for classes on the Pier!

Starting in November there will be a few changes in our schedule!

A lot of people have told me that they can’t make it to Wednesday afternoon class because they have the kids home from school. Starting November 8, this class will move to the morning. Every week at 10 am you can get energized in our one hour class! Hopefully this gives everybody enough time to make it to the Pier for practice, and back to other activities without having to rush!

Even though the idea was appealing to a lot of people, the Friday evening class was hard for people to come to as it was around dinner time for most people. That is why Flow to the Music will also move to the morning. Starting November 10, practice will start at 10:30 am. If you have a preference for a music theme, please let me know when you book your class! I will try to cater to requests!

Saturday’s 10 am class is unchanged! The group of regular yogi’s is growing and it has been an absolute pleasure for me to teach this class every week! There is still room for a few more people, so if you want to stretch your way in to the weekend, don’t hesitate and sign up!

Signing up to class can be done here, or through our page at Momoyoga!

Wednesday:  10:00 am – Energize
Friday:               10:30 am – Flow to the Music
Saturday:         10:00 am – Stretch & Chill


Because I will be away for a yoga week next week schedule is different! Classes on the Pier on Wednesday and Friday will be skipping a week. Saturday’s class will be at the usual 10 am slot! The class on Thursday evening at Active Health Center will be taught by Kerensa this week, who is kind enough to sub for me!

From Saturday November 4th on, everything is back to it’s usual schedule! See you on the mat!