Extra information on booking your class

If it’s your first time signing up, please register your name and email first. After you have confirmed your e-mail address, booking your class is done with just one click! You can book your classes here, or download the Momoyoga app on your phone for easy booking! You can also book your classes through the Momoyoga website here.

It has been possible for a while to book your class online. Starting now you can also pay for your classes online. Walk right on to your mat when you arrive and when you get up out of savasana, no need to think of payments. Online payments are done with iDeal, though Stichting Mollie. You can choose a single class for €12,50 or one of our package deals. 5 classes for €55,- or 10 classes for €100,-.

If you own a package, this will show in your Momoyoga account.  Every time you book a class, this will get deducted from your package automatically. Should something come up, we of course understand. You can cancel your booking free of cost, up to 2 hours before class. Your class will be added back in to your package. If you bought a single class, the money will be put into your Momoyoga account and you can choose another class to use it for, within 4 months. If 4 months does not give you enough time, please let us know!

You can also still pay at the reception desk when you come to class. You can buy both single classes and packages here. The only exception to this, are our events. These require payment upon booking.  Events can be cancelled up to 2 days before the date. If needed, please contact biddy@yogavayu.nl.

For classes at Womanhood Studio please us this link to book your class!
For classes at Active Health Center please us this link to book your class!

For our classes at Personal Training at the Pier, you can sign up, up to 2 hours before the start time.  If you decide to join closer to class than 2 hours, call me! (+ 31 629 398 856).