Restorative Yoga

If Savasana is dessert, Restorative Yoga is like a Buffet filled with nothing but desserts.

Why Restorative Yoga?

Every single pose in Restorative Yoga has one main purpose: to help your body relax. Restorative is a practice for everyone. Everyone benefits from giving their body the opportunity to rest, let go of all our daily-life stress and let your nervous system do what it’s supposed to do. Let it wind down, giving your body a chance to recharge and rest.

Meditation with training wheels

One of my teachers calls Restorative Yoga “Meditation with training wheels”. We settle in to a few key poses during our time together. In those poses we make the body comfortable by using bolsters and blankets. Instead of thinking you have to relax, like it’s something you do consciously, you lay down in the poses. The relaxation will come.

What about my mind?

You may wonder, or even worry, about what your mind will be doing. There is no real way to predict the mind in Restorative. The one thing I can tell you is that your mind, at some point, will wander. To your to-do list, or your dinner plans, or whatever has been on your mind. The beauty is: that’s okay! I won’t ask you to empty your mind, I will only ask that when you do notice your mind wandering, to bring it back. Bring back your attention to your breath, to the sensation of laying in the pose. To letting go.

Let go and be curious

We practice Restorative Yoga in Silence. For some people that sounds wonderful, for others that sounds scary. But the silence helps us to let go. Let go of what we need to do. Let go of the connection with the outside world for just a little while. Let go of having to do something. And then let yourself be curious. Curious about what you find in the pose, in the silence.


It is known to help lower blood pressure, lift and stabilize your mood. I have heard someone describe the 1 on 1 Restorative session he just came out of like this: “It’s like taking a short vacation from your daily life”. What the relaxation does, is it helps the body restore. We don’t often take time to just let ourselves be, it’s like we have forgotten how. Come join our classes to remember why we should.


I offer private sessions. These vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Both times include a short chat and a cup of tea. The class will be tailored to you and your needs at that time. You can do one session and we’ll treat it as a yoga experience. Or I can offer you a series of 3 or 5 classes, that will help you learn how to do restorative. Giving you the opportunity to learn how to do restorative poses at home and what to look for in these poses.


90 minutes:         € 85,-
120 minutes:      € 115,-

3 sessions of 120 minutes: € 299,-
5 sessions of 120 minutes: € 525,

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