Vijf stars.
– Marlou Kortenhoef , 29 oktober op Facebook

Heart-felt, natural and always joyful: That’s what an hour with Biddy from YogaVayu feels like! I have been one of the lucky ones to spend time with her on the mat at the beach, on the deck of the pier and even in a chair yoga class. Biddy has a gift for listening and seeing exactly what people need in her class. She will take care of the ambitious yogi who wants to spice up their practice, aswell as look out for beginners and people with mobility problems. You can’t help but feel both relaxed and energized after an hour of yoga with her! Charge up your batteries < 3 < 3 < 3 PS: Most favorite spot is definitely the deck on the pier with the natural sounds of the waves and the seaguls. Doesn’t get better than that!
– Evamaria Kulovits, 2 september 2017 on Facebook

Yesterday we did Energize Yoga on the Pier in Scheveningen, it was awesome! We left feeling content and completely relaxed, it totally made our day! The location is one of a kind, personable class, with relaxing sounds of both the instructor as the waves of the North Sea (and yesterday quite the storm too, but that might have actually made it even better.) Highly recommended! 
– Arantxa Gronlag, 31 augustus 2017 on Facebook

I’ve already been back to Yoga with Biddy – I was serious when saying I would come every week if I lived closer! – and her energising Wednesday class is just as wonderful . Also, I’m happy to report that yoga at the pier is a special experience even when the class takes place inside due to rain: the sound of the waves wraps you up just the same…
– Nesa London, August 30th 2017 on Facebook

With a group of 16 guys I enjoyed a great session! For many of us it was our very first time doing yoga, but Biddy was excellent! And a beautiful location on the Pier!
– Jonathan Roorda, August 27th 2017  on Facebook

breath meeting
the sound of waves
and intention

– Lies Thijs, August 24th 2017  on Facebook

Biddy is such a lovely yoga teacher, I promise you’ll step out of your mat feeling more refreshed than ever. Besides, the spot at the Pier is amazing, outdoor yoga is wonderful. I am looking forward to the next class!
– Anne Durand, August 23rd 2017  on Facebook

I went to such a wonderful morning yoga class with Biddy. Waking up the body, soothing the mind, and quietly dancing through our vinyasa flows. Biddy is a wonderful teacher, and creates a lovely atmosphere during the class where you feel fully taken care of. Plus, of course, yoga on the pier is just a unique experience, with the sea- and beach-view and the waves beneath and around. If I lived closer, I’d come every week!
– Nesa London,  August 21st 2017 on Facebook

Biddy is a wonderful teacher, her Saturday morning class in the amazing spot at the Pier (actual waves as a soundscapes!) is a total bliss. Her soothing voice leads you with clear cues through a well rounded practice to settle down in your week-end with a relax body and appeased mind. I wish I’d live closer!
– Celine Hubert – August 21st 2017 on Facebook

Followed a lovely yoga practice led by Biddy to music from the movies. It was great with the sound of the wild sea in the background. Went home completely relaxed and ready for the weekend! Namaste
– Lencie de la Fuente, July 28th 2017 on Facebook

After joining a demo class I came back today. A wonderful class to Motown music, with the sound of the waves in the background. The personal attention, with tips for adjustments when you need them, GREAT!
– Bianca de Gier, July 14th 2017 on Facebook

I took a yoga class with Biddy at the Salt Market on the Pier yesterday. What a fantastic experience! Biddy’s way of teaching has I high FWFG-feeling to it (find what feels good, yoga with Adriene), which I personally enjoy a lot. Biddy has a calm and pleasant voice to listen to, the sound of the sea next to you completes it. She helps you where needed to get into the pose just a little better or deeper. The way the class was built up was nice, time flew by. I had to travel a few hours to get there, but it was definitely worth it!
– Annelies Dersjant, July 9th 2017 on Facebook

Amazing amazing woman with an amazing heart. She gave a workshop today at the Pier, Saltmarket, Scheveningen. It was so relaxing and it literally transformed us and our day! Definetely worth it!
– Annemiek Evenblij, July 8th 2017 on Facebook

I finally felt the flow that is yoga today thanks to miss Biddy 🙂 so smooth and yet so powerfull!! Thanks again and see you soon!! <3
– Hanif D Rashti, July 8th 2017 on Facebook

After I had taken a class with Biddy Messchaert on the beach in early June, I was happy to hear she is now teaching yoga classes at the Pier, what a unique location! It was storming too hard to practice outside, but in a beautiful room with the waves clearly audible it was another fantastic class: a lot of variety, relaxed, eye for detail and personal attention: every weekend should start like this!
– Marianne Engelen-Lohman, July 3rd 2017 on

I see I forgot to check the star rating for the great yoga classes on the Pier: of course that should be 5 starts!
– aanvulling Marianne Engelen-Lohman on

Saturday morning, yoga at the Pier in Scheveningen at Yoga Vayu; what a special and delicious experience. Yoga teacher Biddy led the class in a relaxed and professional way. I have been experiencing shoulder problems for a while and Biddy gave me alternatives that worked out well. It also made me feel I was fully partaking in the class. The class itself was great and the location is a-ma-zing. The subtle music fit in perfectly with the sound of the sea. During the end relaxation I drifted away from the daily concerns on the sound of the waves. It was a very special experience and I will be back for more soon! Highly recommended!
Also noteworthy: fresh and nice smelling yoga mat and towel!
– Joyce can Straaten, July 2nd 2017 on

I went to a Stretch and Chill class on the Pier on Saturday morning. Great location, the sound of the waves during class is fantastic! The teacher is very hospitable and professional. Much recommended, an excellent start of the weekend!
– Mireille Engelen, July 1st 2017 on

Today I joined a lovely yoga class by Biddy. Her way of teaching is enjoyable and the beach location is fantastic of course! I recommend this class and all levels are welcome, so definitely do it.
– Janneke Bakker, June 5th 2017 op