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Slow Flow

Start your week well! Before you dive in to your busy week, take a moment to slow down and flow. Flow yoga found its name because of the fluid transitions from one asana (yoga pose) to the next. The transitions and asanas create a flow that might help bring your focus inward.

Every Monday morning we move consciously, to the rhythm of our breath. Everything is connected. We connect the movement to the breath and our thoughts to the movement. A good start to your week, to get your body going and your mind focused!

This new weekly class starts on January 15th at 9:15 am. Join Biddy at our beautiful Womanhood Studio in the heart of the Delft city center. Classes are for all levels, both men and women are welcome!

Our first class on the 15th is free! Come by to see if a slow flow is right for you!

Class in English / Dutch

Elke maandag: 9:15 – 10-15 am, Schoolstraat 28 in Delft
Boeken via: Womanhood Studio
Price: 1 class € 14,00
10 classes card: € 130,00

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is for everyone! Men and women, young and old. We say it all the time (because it’s true!). But we do see some people hesitate.

“I’m not flexible enough!” “That’s too hippy for me” “I can’t bend like a pretzel!” For the people who think this and for every one who is curious about yoga, we have a new workshop. Every third Friday of the month we will host Yoga for Beginners!

During this workshop we will cover a few aspects of yoga:
• What is yoga?
• Breathing (it’s all about the breath babe!)
• Asana – the yoga poses

We will spend time working on a few of the asana, so you can get comfortable in the poses and find out how you feel doing them. The workshop will end with the yummy treat that yoga offers: savasana – the end relaxation.

After the workshop is done, there will be tea with some snacks and I can tell you all about the different types of yoga we offer at Womanhood Studio!

The first workshop is coming up on January 19th, 7 pm to 9.30 pm.
Wear something comfortable that allows you to move!

Class in English / Dutch

Every third Friday of the month: 7pm – 9.30pm , Schoolstraat 28 in Delft
Book: Womanhood Studio
Price: € 25

Private sessions

If you have specific questions or injuries, or maybe you want to start your yoga path solo before heading in to groups classes, then you can book private classes! Please contact me for more information!  biddy@yogavayu.nl of 06-29388856.

Price per class: € 60
Package deals possible, price on request.