Aerial Yoga Nidra

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation during our Aerial Yoga Nidra sessions! In Yoga Nidra you enjoy a guided meditation. Nidra means sleep. By letting the body be still we allow it to get to a sleeping state. The voice guiding you will let your mind balance on that edge between sleep and awake, while awareness moves gradually on a journey through your physical body and to the more subtler dimensions of the breath and mind.

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful way to reach total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. At Womanhood Studio the Yoga Nidra sessions are practiced in our Aerial hammocks. The hammocks fully support your body in a comfortable way, reducing pressure that  you might feel practicing on a yoga mat. Some of our clients have compared laying in our hammocks to floating.

No experience needed, both men and woman are welcome.

Limited spots available, reserve your spot HERE.
For this workshop you need to book through Womanhood Studio’s Momoyoga.

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