Find what Matters

If everything is possible,
what do you choose?

A workshop hosted by Marcella from Hart Vooruit and Biddy from Yoga Vayu.

Now that our lock-downs worldwide are slowly changing, and the Dutch lock-down is allowing us more and more freedom, there are so many things that are calling us.

Maybe you found this time of lock-down to be a much needed breather. Maybe it made you change your life in ways that were uncomfortable or that brought anxiety. Maybe you’ve experienced both? Change, in whatever shape or form it comes, is an opportunity that can be both awesome and overwhelming.

Join us for a workshop where we will take a creative and exploratory path to discover how YOU want to start shaping your “new normal”. What do you really need? How do you keep yourself from taking on so much at full force that you become overloaded? And most important: how can you keep reminding yourself of what matters to you most?

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We will take you with us into the world of Essential Oils and how these can help enforce the path you choose. Through a guided writing exercise and meditation you will discover more on what’s important to you. It will help you find a way to keep applying the essence of what you need and want in your life.

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We will send you a goodie bag through good old fashioned mail! This will contain 4 carefully selected essential oils and other goodies. These oils will support you as they are and they can be used to make your own blend.

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– Information on what essential oils are and how to use them
– A creative writing exercise to discover what you need
– A template for the exercise so you can repeat it whenever you need to
– A guided meditation to find what gives you joy
– A powerful affirmation that will fit the oil blend you create
– Tips and recipes on what you can use your oils for
– 2 hours under Marcella & Biddy’s guidance

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Early birds will also receive an audio recording of the meditation, so you can repeat that as often as you like! Book your spot before: June 6 to receive the recording!

Registration closes:
June 21 for participants from the Netherlands
June 14 for participants from outside the Netherlands

Registrations after these dates will not receive the goodie package on time. Please be sure to register soon, giving us time to send you your goodies!