Yoga for Beginners workshop

Yoga is for everyone! Men and women, young and old. We say it all the time (because it’s true!). Would you like to know a little more about yoga and what people do in Yoga classes? Then this workshop might be perfect for you! You don’t have to be flexible, bendable or “zen”, all you need to be is curious!

During this workshop we will cover a few aspects of yoga:
• What is yoga?
• Breathing (it’s all about the breath babe!)
• Asana – the yoga poses

We will spend time working on a few of the asana, so you can get comfortable in the poses and find out how you feel doing them. The workshop will end with the yummy treat that yoga offers: savasana – the end relaxation.

After the workshop is done, there will be tea with some snacks and I can tell you all about the different types of yoga we offer at Womanhood Studio!

Wear something comfortable that allows you to move!
Buy your ticket here! If you buy your Ticket before March 1, you can bring a friend for FREE! After purchasing your own ticket, email me your name and date of registration plus the name and email address of your friend!

Price: €25

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