Yoga off the Mat

Last weekend I spent a few hours in the dunes. Evamaria Kulovits Photography organized a Mindful Photo Walk in the Scheveningen Dunes. I had been sick the week leading up to the walk and was happy to be outside in nature and enjoying the sun. I had never been on a walk like this before, and was both curious and excited to try it out!

It did not disappoint. After meeting up we walked a few minutes to the starting point, where Evamaria told us about the philosophy behind the Mindful Photo Walk. For me it turned out to be an embodiment of Yoga off the Mat. After a short explanation of how the walk would work, she guided us in a meditation. I love meditating (or practicing Yoga) outside. The touch of a breeze on your cheek, the sounds of the wind and the birds, the smell of earth and sea. When you close your eyes and open yourself up to your other senses, they can bring you so much.

From there we started walking in silence. We used our camera as a tool to focus our attention. What grabs your eye? And how would you photograph that? Before even bringing the camera out, you ponder this. The actual taking of the photo is the very last step. It was amazing to me, how different it is to look at the world through these contemplative eyes. We walked, each in our own pace, taking our time and every now and then resetting our brains by closing our eyes and starting over.

I felt refreshed, calm and content. It’s hard to explain how big the impact of spending a little over an hour in nature can be. Especially when you use all your senses to enhance your own experience. And when I looked at the photo’s, I was surprised with how much they actually showed what I had seen.

I highly recommend subscribing to Evamaria Kulovits Photography’s newsletter so you will know when she organizes her next Mindful Photo Walk, you will not regret joining!

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