About Flow & Restore

This week we have the second edition of Flow & Restore coming up at Womanhood Studio. I’m so excited about these classes because they give me the opportunity to teach something I love. With a passion. That it’s not just “okay” to rest. No babe, it’s a necessity.

My happy place!

We start the 2 hour workshop with a flow, warming up our body, moving to the rhythm of your breath as we get the juices flowing. After that we slow down. All the way down. I will show you how we can use props like a stack of blankets, bolsters and Yoga block to make it easier for the body to let go. And the beauty of it is that you don’t try to relax. The body will do that all by itself simply because we give it the chance to. The mind will follow.

We will stay in the poses for several minutes. And by letting the body slow down, by resting every little piece of you, we start recharging.

Some questions I get asked frequently:

What does my mind do?

We let the mind rest too! Not by telling ourselves we need to relax and think of nothing, but by letting the body be so comfortable, the mind will slow down. When the body knows that it is safe, the parasympathetic system kicks in. We leave fight or flight mode and the body starts letting go of tension. The calmer the body, the calmer the mind. Thoughts will still come, they always do. Simply go with them, it’s resisting the thoughts that brings stress.

What if I fall asleep?

Then you probably needed it! If you come to Restorative Yoga every month and sleep through it every month, then maybe you could look into how you can give yourself more sleep on a regular basis. But if it happens every now and then, don’t worry about it. Enjoy it ?

Why so many props?

Short answer: because you deserve it.
Long answer: because we want your whole body to be as comfortable as we can possibly make it! Giving support in all the right places makes it so much easier for the body to release tension and ease into relaxation.

Curious? Book your spot now, we have just 2 left as I write this!

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