Blog in times of Lock Down

Hello lovely ones,

How have you been? In the Netherlands we celebrated Kings Day yesterday, which is usually the biggest and most orange celebration we have.

King's Day celebration thanks to De Wijnhaven

This year was different of course. We celebrated a little by ordering some snack from one of our favorite restaurants (we try to support local businesses as much we can and if we can do so eating, we happily oblige!)

This King’s Day felt quiet even, as I walked Jilly around the block there was hardly anyone out, as it should be of course. But on this day it felt even stranger. So I felt I wanted to check in with you and see how you are!

How are things in your part of this locked down and quarantined world? Are you staying in? Or does your job have you out in these surreal circumstances? I love where I live, but found myself telling Joost that I wished we lived near my dear friend Kelly in California. To be able to walk into nature and not have to worry about meeting other people is a luxury that is hard to find where I live in Delft. But we are doing well. These past few days were spent on our little rooftop terrace, where Joost built us an amazing lounge set (lockdown creativity for the win!) and I spent 2 sunny days staining the reclaimed wood. And I’ve been practicing Yoga. And loving it.

I have returned to my Yoga space in my bedroom, with a little altar with some of my favorite things. My mat always rolled out, ready to step on. My current oil protocol all set up (this one is all about the breath) and I have been joining classes with some of my favorite teachers. This locked down life has also brought some experiences and people closer and I am so grateful for that.

I got to practice with Max Strom again, when our planned live session was moved online. It was magical and beautiful. Somehow spending that time alone on my mat in front of my laptop, but together with many others all over the world felt so intimate. It was inspiring.

Then there was the book launch of Angelus. Written, created even, by Erica Jago and Roos van der Kamp. I supported this book 2 years ago when they were crowdfunding and am amazed by the perfect timing with which it came out. It arrived a week and a half ago, just when we all needed it most. I highly recommend looking into the book. Not only is it stunning to look at, it’s filled with beautiful practices and inspiring meditations.

And this past weekend was like a mini retreat for me. I started the Pranayama Intensive course with 2 of my favorite teachers, Judith Hanson Lasater en Lizzie Lasater. This 4 week immersion has been such an inspiration from the first moment. I love it. Last Saturday we had our first live webinar and it soothed the sadness of not being able to see Judith in London for a 5 day training, as I was supposed to.

To top it off I got to join Lizzie the day after for an Emergency Savasana session. Live Restorative Yoga, from her home in Salzburg into my bedroom. It felt like I really had gone on a little get-away. Even if I got distracted by sounds in my home and I was startled halfway through savasana, even when it wasn’t as perfect as I thought it could have been. It was still perfect enough. It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Control is my favorite illusion

Judith Hanson Lasater

So I have been getting inspired. A lot! And I think you will notice that in my classes too. How about you? How have you been? Do your days fly by? Or are you watching the clock waiting for the day to be over? I’d love to hear how you are feeling and what you are doing.

I will try to check back here more often. For now I’m planning on doing a blog on the membership site. Giving you a little tour and tell you a little more about it. If you can’t wait for that, feel free to check the site here now!

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