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Hi there lovely one,

I am finishing up the editing of this weeks exclusive content for the Yoga Vayu Membership site. This week there is a live flow class, which means that there is a new recording for the Restore & Relax Membership. We practice a guided meditation with the kriya Sa Ta Na Ma this week. I am excited to share this practice with you. If you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet you might want to peek at your screen to see a special appearance as Jilly shows off her yoga skills during a quick visit to the yoga mat 😉

I have been having so much fun, planning, recording and editing these videos for the membership. I love getting the chance to dive a little deeper into things here. We are among like minded folk there and we can do a little more than we can in our in person group classes. It’s more like having a weekly workshop, as we step on our mats together.

I hope you will enjoy this week’s new content. The YouTube video (already up for members, and live for everyone on Friday on YouTube!) is all about how to Pimp your Savasana! If the membership is too much of a commitment right now, check out all the free video’s on our YouTube Channel!

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