Find What Matters – a workshop

I am so excited about this workshop. Marcella (applied psychologist & coach) from Hart Vooruit and I are inviting you for a 2 hour workshop. Now that Covid measures are slowly starting to change and we are regaining more and more freedom, it can be tempting to dive back into an old routine. It can also be overwhelming, because after months of isolation, where do you start?

We will offer you tools to find the things that matter most to you. But we know that finding them alone is not enough. We will give you ways to remind yourself, to go back to them as often as you need.

How we’ll do this? We will use oils (that we will send to your home!), do a writing exercise, be taken on a guided meditation and make your own blend to remind you of that what matters to you.

Sign up here before June 6 and receive the Early Bird perk!

– Yoga Vayu Online members pay €5 to join*.
– Non members pay €27,50.
– Start a 1 month membership plan (€30) before June 27 and if you buy the workshop with it you will get 1 live online class per week in June and access to the full Yoga Vayu Online Library for only a little bit more money ?

* active member at time of workshop with a 1 month or more plan.

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