Restorative Yoga (and a request in the PS!)

Hi everyone!

It’s time for an update! As some of you may remember I went away for a week of training in the beginning of March this year. This was Restorative Teacher Training with Lizzie Lasater and it was amazing!

Restorative Yoga is a form of Yoga that uses props like bolsters and blankets to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health. It is a practice in and of itself, it is not -like some people think- just an added practice to active asana. Instead it is benefiting people of all ages and in all stages of health. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful practice to help you disconnect from stress in your daily life for a few minutes, settle in and rest in silence. The props help the body relax, by supporting you and making it easy for your body to let go off stress.

Me in Side Laying Savasana Bliss
Me in Side Laying Savasana Bliss

I LOVED my training. Our week involved a lot of practicing Restorative. Your teaching is at its best when you have experienced what you teach. It was simply divine. Next to practicing, Lizzie taught us so much and everything we studied hit home with me. I had been practicing Restorative at home and I have been doing daily 20 minutes savasana, which have been life changing for me. I know, it sounds dramatic, but it is really how I see it. I sleep better, I am more relaxed and my mind is clearer. I know it’s related, because when I skip a day or two, I notice the difference.

Teacher Training at Yogamoves Utrecht
Teacher Training at Yogamoves Utrecht

I have started offering 1-on-1 Restorative Classes. I love working in private sessions, because it gives me the chance to give you my full attention and the sessions focus on you, how you are feeling and we adjust the session to your energy level at that moment.

In addition to the private sessions I want to start offering Restorative Workshops both in Delft and at De Pier. I need more props to do that though! So the money I am making with the 1-on-1 sessions is going towards me buying more props. As soon as there are enough props to cater to a group of approximately 5 people, I will update you on upcoming workshops!

For now, you can book your 1-on-1 through the calendar here! If there is no suitable date there, please contact me at so we can find a suitable date together!

PS: If you have bolsters or Yoga blankets you are willing to donate, or if you are willing to make a donation towards the Restorative Props, please let me know! I would love to hear from you and maybe welcome you in one of my classes as a thank you!

Yoga bij Active Health Center

Stap mee de mat op, elke donderdagavond bij Active Health Center in Leidschenveen!

Elke maand een nieuw thema en elke week een flow les, waarbij de eindontspanning ervoor zal zorgen dat je daarna heerlijk ontspannen richting je bed kan!

Je vindt het Active Health Center op de Henri Faasdreef 226 in Den Haag! Wil je aan deze lessen mee doen maar ben je nog geen klant bij Active Health Center? Je kan dan eventueel een losse les volgen door een dagkaart te kopen of een strippenkaart aanschaffen. Maar het is zeker de moeite waard om contact op te nemen met het AHC en te informeren wat de mogelijkheden zijn met een lidmaatschap! Er is een ruim aanbod aan leuke lessen! Contact kan via e-mail of telefonisch op070 4444 082!

Het zou te gek zijn om je daar te zien! Als je je hebt ingeschreven voor een les daar, laat het me dan via social media weten! Dan kunnen we samen aan de voorpret beginnen!