Monthly Playlist - November 2023

Posted On Nov 06, 2023 |

Here are your free yoga practices for this month!

Each month our lovely community manager Katie selects 3 short practices for you that you can keep coming back to during the month.

This is a great way to experience Biddy's style of teaching & how the classes are in the Yoga Vayu membership!

Each month will also come with a sweet invitation to explore a specific part of your yoga practice and if you'd like, also take that off the mat. This is all optional!

October was a busy one. It flew by so fast! And what do we get after a fast period? Tired, very tired people. So this month the practices are here to support you to slow down and rest. Extra invitation to see how you can take moments in your day to do the same.

Then it's time to get to your practices for this month!

10 minutes to focus on the small changes

Sweet & simple seated practice. We'll explore 3 different moves and 2 different ways to do them! Notice how big the effect of a small change can be.

15 minute wind down flow

The perfect video to practice before bed or when you need some help winding down and finding a little bit of rest. Bring 2 pillows and a blanket and join Biddy for some sweet and calming movement.

11 minutes to breathe to soothe

Breathe to soothe to help ease a busy brain, a restless body and to ease yourself into a calm and restful state. Find a comfortable seat, bring a yoga strap or shawl and breathe.

Did you do any of the classes? Feel free to share your experience by sending a message / tagging Biddy on instagram: @yogavayunl

Would you like to practice with Biddy? You can find here classes here and read more about the Yoga Vayu membership here.

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