Zero Pressure Book Club

The place where we talk books and get inspired by eachothers reading. Live online meetings once per month + a private online community.

No required reading and we won't discuss just one book. Instead  you are invited to come and talk about a book you love. Tell us why you love it and get inspired by books the others are bringing! Not in a talkative mood? Just come and listen!

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 24 at 7 pm
  • October 22 at 7  pm
  • November 26 at 7 pm
  • SPECIAL EDITION: Zero Pressure TV show Club 
    September 15 at 7pm
    We can all agree that most of the time movie adaptations of books suck. However, during our meetings we often talk about amazing tv shows (adaptation or not). That's why we decided to have an extra special meeting where these shows get central stage! Instead of books, during this meeting we will talk about our favourite tv shows!   Bring your top 3 Have to Watch tv shows (and 2 extra in case we have more time 😉)! Get inspired and ready for those rainy days that are perfect for binge watching! 
  • SPECIAL EDITION: Zero Pressure Book Party
    December 17 at 7pm
    Just like last year, we will have a very special meeting in December!  All those that join will gift 1 book to another member, who is decided through random draw. Choose a book you love and write a note to explain why this book is your gift!
    Our ZPBC is international so depending on who you draw, you might have to send a book around the world.
    We will unwrap our gifts together on December 17 🤓📚🎁❄️
    Reach out to Biddy or Katie to sign up.
  • All times are given at Amsterdam time.

The Zero Pressure Book Club is free to join!
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