Yoga Vayu Musings, News & Updates

Ground both feet.
Rest your gaze.
Slowly invite the breath in with your next inhale.
Let the breath linger inside for a moment.
As softly as you can, breathe out.

Katie Roth | Jul 01, 2024

As the temperatures rise, enjoy these free yoga practices to stay cool for the summer!

Katie Roth | Jun 03, 2024

This month's free yoga practice selections are all about loving your body more.

Katie Roth | May 29, 2024

Let's surrender to what is present in this moment in this month's practices.

Katie Roth | Apr 19, 2024

April is a playful, cheeky month with it's random rain showers. So let's play!

Katie Roth | Apr 19, 2024

Spring is here, things are slowly awakening, so let's do some gentle & energizing practices!

Katie Roth | Mar 14, 2024

This month we have practices to support rest.

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