One on One with Biddy

Private classes so you can focus on what you need & what you want!

One on One Sessions with Biddy

I love teaching private classes. The chance to dive deeper together is good in so many ways.

It gives me the chance to cater to that what you need the most. It gives you the chance to ask the questions you want and receive the Yoga practice that you need. These classes can vary from Restorative Yoga to Flow Yoga and all good things in between. The beauty of these sessions is that before we even roll out our Yoga mats you get to let me know a little more about what you like, what you want & what you need. These classes are like the custom tailored clothes that fit your exactly how you want them to fit.

Embodied movement, tailored to fit YOU. All online and in the comfort of your home. In these private sessions you will enjoy classes prepared with you in mind.

Why choose One-on-One sessions?

Besides the fact that they are awesome? Well, here's a few more reasons:


Sometimes is simply nice, to be the only one in class. You can ask questions without feeling you might disturb others.

There is also the added bonus of not feeling like you have to have to live up to what you think others are doing in class. This is never the case, but we know that sometimes knowing that is not the same as feeling it. 

Work on something specific

Do you want to work on finding more rest? Do you find it hard to release tension? Do you want to work on full body strength? Do you want to create more body awareness?

These classes are all prepared with you in mind. You can let me know if you have specific goals or needs and I will write the classes to help you.

To dive deeper

Do you love your practice but do you find yourself wondering if you're doing it right*? Do you want to know why we build strength in our core while saying don't care about a six pack? Do you wonder why working on your hips can bring relief to neck pain?

When we work One-on=One we can dive as deep as you want and you can ask questions we might not have time for in our groupclasses.

* please know that there is never just one way to do a pose!

How it works

We get to know each other

After you fill out a short survey we meet for a short chat on the phone or in a video chat to get to know each other a little better. When I know what you are looking for we make a date (or dates!) for our practice together.


We practice

In our Online meeting we practice a class made just for you. To celebrate Yoga Vayu Online's 1 year existence, you now get to keep the recording of that class (or classes!)



Her soothing voice leads you with clear cues through a well rounded practice

Course Curriculum

Biddy Messchaert

Biddy is the founder of Yoga Vayu, the Yoga Vayu Membership and co-founder and host of Show Up & Surrender. She is a certified Yoga teacher for a variety of Yoga Styles. On her membership she focuses on embodied movement in both flow and restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and there's more to come! She also hosts workshops and Retreats in the Netherlands, abroad and online! When the world is not in a widespread pandemic she teaches both in the greater Delft area and wherever Yoga classes and retreats take her!

You may also know her as the founder of Coming Home Retreats & Workshops, co-founder of MaVayu and Two Days in the Woods.

She lives in Delft with Joost (husband) and Jillian (dog). 

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