Coming Home Workshops

Welcome back home

Welcome Back Home

One of things we love most about our Coming Home gatherings is the connections we make with you. Yes YOU!

No matter where you are in the world, you are always invited to join us.


Because it's not always possible to meet for a whole weekend, we are once again excited to offer you workshops with our Coming Home Teachers. Online and Donation based to make sure these are accessible to all those that want to join.

Upcoming: December 18 - End of Year Meditation

Let's reflect on 2022 together and set our intentions for the upcoming year at the End of Year Meditation!

We'll take a moment to look back at this year, taking note of what was meaningful, what we choose to leave behind and what we'll bring with us into the new year.

Together we will put our intentions and hopes for 2023 into words and enjoy a moment of self-loving care. Taking a moment to pause before the end of the year holidays and celebrations!

December 18 - 8 pm CET live online.
Just like last year, this gathering is donation based, pay what you can 𝘪𝘧 you can. Everyone is welcome.

Please note that you'll need to register to the workshop to get access to the live session! You can register here!

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  • Donation Based
  • Free

    Join us and pay what you can, if you can! We suggest a donation between €5 and €25.

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