Coming Home Workshops

Welcome back home

Welcome Back Home

 After our retreat in November we were in awe of the connections we had made. Online, with 3 different continents, 6 countries and so many beautiful souls. We knew we wanted to continue our Coming Home Journey and took some time to think about how. We are so excited to announce our monthly donation based workshops! Don't forget to register before joining, the registration is free!

This Month

Join us over at Show Up & Surrender

We invite you to join us over at Show Up & Surrender this month! Biddy & Marcella, organizers of Coming Home, are hosting the first Shop Up & Surrender Podcast this month.

Show Up and Surrender is a podcast born from a shared passion of living consciously, wholeheartedly. From knowing that there will be both good and bad, from knowing that most of the magic usually happens somewhere in between.

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Course Pricing

  • Donation Based
  • Free

    Join us and pay what you can, if you can! We suggest a donation between €5 and €25.

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