Coming Home Workshops

Welcome back home

Welcome Back Home

One of things we love most about our Coming Home gatherings is the connections we make with you. Yes YOU!

No matter where you are in the world, you are always invited to join us.


Because it's not always possible to meet for a whole weekend, we are once again excited to offer you workshops with our Coming Home Teachers. Online and Donation based to make sure these are accessible to all those that want to join.

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Enjoy the recording of our previous workshop until then:

You deserve rest. Period.
 How often do you say, I will take a break after I finish [*put in super important thing here*]?  

How about we start training our beautiful brains that we deserve rest, without doing something before?  

That we can actually Rest without doing it *so we can do something else better* (even though yes, most things go better when we do them rested…).  

That Rest in itself is important to do. Because it is.  

Especially now, in a world filled with things that you could be doing. With things that break your heart. With things that bring you stress (both the good and bad kind). With a world that is awake 24/7.  

So make a date for yourself. Come rest with Biddy in this donation based workshop. All Coming Home workshops are live, online and you pay what you can -if- you can. (That means that if you do not have the means to pay, you are still so very welcome).


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Donation Based


  • Join us and pay what you can, if you can! We suggest a donation between €5 and €25.

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