Coming Home Workshops

Welcome back home

Welcome Back Home

One of things we love most about our Coming Home gatherings is the connections we make with you. Yes YOU!

No matter where you are in the world, you are always invited to join us.


Because it's not always possible to meet for a whole weekend, we are once again excited to offer you workshops with our Coming Home Teachers. Online and Donation based to make sure these are accessible to all those that want to join.

Next Workshop:
March 26 - 10 am CET
Celebrate your Body - a Yoga party with Katie

Join us for 1 hour of FUN and celebration of your own, beautiful body on the mat!

Have you always wanted to do the pasta dance, learn the body roll (I can’t do it, so it’s gonna be FUN! 🦄) and enjoy a cellular dance party?

We often go to a yoga class to get more flexible, become stronger, find more inner balance… but have you ever seen your face in a warrior pose? The aim of the yoga party is to celebrate YOU, to enjoy what you already can do with your awesome body, without striving to be better or perfect.

Come as you are, wear your favorite comfy outfit or warrior princess outfit and let’s celebrate how awesome we already are. 👯‍♀️
Bring your favorite yoga props or any items you really love, we might use them!

Sunday March 26 - 10 am CET | Live Online

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    Join us and pay what you can, if you can! We suggest a donation between €5 and €25.

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