Monthly Restore

Join me once a month for a loving reset as we practice Restorative Yoga online and truly rest.

New Monthy series starts in September 2022.
Registration is open now.


Welcome to one of the things I love most.

It's not often we create time to rest. To do nothing, produce nothing, consume nothing. Instead choose to simple BE.

I love creating space for you to do just that! Once per month we will come together to restore. In these sessions of just under 2 hours, we will create and hold space for softness, kindness and loving rest for you. Supporting the body with pillows and blankets, stillness and warmth. Finding all the elements we need to allow our parasympathetic nervous system to do what its meant to do. Calm down and help you restore, heal, digest. 

All classes will be live online on Zoom so you can start to create a space of rest, for rest, in your own home.

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Classes are live and online from 10 to 11.45 am.
Recordings of the class will be added within 48 hours after class!

You can buy a single class for €25 per class
- or -
buy all 3 classes for only €66

What will you need?

In Restorative Yoga we use props. Think of blankets and pillows, chairs and scarves.
Or in Yoga prop terms you can think of bolsters, blocks, meditation pillows, blankets and chairs. 

no props? no problem

Bring pillows from your couch and your bed. Bring blankets and the covers from your bed(s). Bring a chair from your dining room table and maybe a few towels. Something to cover your eyes with and warm clothes finish off the list of props to make every practice delicious.

Please reach out if you have any questions about props and creative ways to make them.

Course Pricing

If you'd rather not pay by credit card or PayPal please follow these steps:
Make an account here or if you already have an account log in here.
Transfer your payment through iDeal here and state the class you are signing up for in the message.
Send me an email with your name and Monthly Restore in the subject and if you need a receipt please let me know.
The workshop will be added to your account within 24 hours!

If you would like to pay in installments, please send an email with your request. The workshop(s) will be added to your account after your first payment. We have space to help you if this workshop is what you need, but you don't have the funds at the moment to join. Please reach out and let me know if this is the case, there are options for you to join!

all times in CEST | Amsterdam time

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Biddy Messchaert

Biddy is the founder of Yoga Vayu, the Yoga Vayu Membership and co-founder and host of Show Up & Surrender. She is a certified Yoga teacher for a variety of Yoga Styles. On her membership she focuses on embodied movement in both flow and restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and there's more to come! She also hosts workshops and Retreats in the Netherlands, abroad and online! When the world is not in a widespread pandemic she teaches both in the greater Delft area and wherever Yoga classes and retreats take her!

You may also know her as the founder of Coming Home Retreats & Workshops, co-founder of MaVayu and Two Days in the Woods.

She lives in Delft with Joost (husband) and Jillian (dog).