Monthly Playlist - October 2023

Here are your free yoga practices for this month!

Welcome to this new addition to Yoga Vayu! From now on, each month our lovely community manager Katie will select 3 short practices for you that you can keep coming back to during the month. 

This is also a great way to experience my style of teaching & how the classes are in the Yoga Vayu membership!

Each month will also come with a sweet invitation to explore a specific part of your yoga practice and if you'd like, also take that off the mat. This is all optional!

This month the weather is getting colder, so our bodies might start to squeeze a bit more. See if you can shake it off and/or relax your muscles when you notice this is happening!

Then it's time to get to your practices for this month!

10 minute Short & Sweet Shoulder Sequence

Tight Shoulders? Upper back stiff? Biddy has you covered! Bring a yoga strap or shawl and join her for a seated practice with focus on shoulder mobility while working on shoulder stability.

    11 minute Flow for a Brain Reset

    Join Biddy for a short 10 minute flow to ground and reset your body & mind quickly! Get ready for a floss dance and enjoy the practice ;)

      11 minute Quick hip Love

      If you're short on time but you'd still love to give your hips some TLC (tender loving care) Biddy has you covered! This 11-minute practice will help you create space in the hips with connecting and grounding through conscious movement. Please bring a blanket or pillow to help make the poses more comfy.

      Did you do any of the classes? Feel free to share your experience by sending a message / tagging Biddy on instagram: @yogavayunl

      Would you like to practice with Biddy? You can find here classes here and read more about the Yoga Vayu membership here

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