Create your Purpose Journal

a workshop with Marcella

Why this workshop?

This workshop is for you when you want to journal, but you..

  • are staring at a blank page, not knowing where or how to start
  • "messed up" on page 3, thinking you've ruined your journal
  • are not sure how to use the pages in a way that suits you

What you can expect:

Tips on how to let go of perfectionism while creating

Discover what you want to create in your journal

Get inspired to reflect on the things that make your life more meaningful

Start your design

What's inside?

Marcella Hartjes

Marcella is an applied psychologist, a mother of two twin boys and someone who is always trying to find meaning in life. She is dedicated to living a soul led life and loves to share her experiences with others. Through her coaching & workshops, she helps others to connect to their emotions and thoughts in such a way that it’s easier to live a life that’s meaningful to them. She would love to connect with you!

The workshop is highly recommended for anyone who wants to start a journal, but doesn't know how. Suddenly it doesn't feel like a pressure to do it every day. Marcella inspires by sharing theory, creative exercises and personal examples. A masterclass which I still benefit from every day.

listen to our episode about journaling here:

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