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Vayu (वायु): Air – Wind

What do we do?

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We offer Yoga

Online and In Person. We do this in weekly classes in several styles. Both Group and Private Classes are possible.

Biddy is a certified Yoga teacher in several Yoga Styles. Her passion is to help you find embodied movement in all styles she teaches. Helping you find to move and be still in a way that fits YOU. Always looking for what you need in the moment as well as looking out for your overall wellbeing.

We host retreats

Since 2019 we have organized Retreats in the Netherlands, abroad and online. While there is always Yoga on our Retreats, they all offer a full wellness program nurturing both body and mind.

We love our 1 week abroad retreats as much as we love our 1 day local retreats and the online weekends and afternoons!

We share our thoughts

In 2021 Biddy released her first podcasts with Marcella from Hart Vooruit called Show Up and Surrender. A podcast about life, the good and the bad and the magic that happens in between. The podcast is made to make you feel like you are sitting at our kitchen table with us.

Biddy also hosts the Zero Pressure Book Club where we come together once a month to discuss the books we love, the books that made us think. No required reading, just fun discussions.

Hi, I'm Biddy

Watch this video and get to know me and what I do a little better!

About Yoga Vayu

Hi! I'm Biddy,

I am a Yoga teacher, living in Delft (the Netherlands). In 2017 I founded Yoga Vayu. I have been teaching in person classes and workshops in the greater Delft area and I have been organizing workshops and retreats both in the Netherlands, abroad and online. I have over 500 training hours and certifications in  several Yoga styles, that all come together here on this platform.

I believe that there is a Yoga for every body. All body types, all abilities and all energy levels can find a practice that is right for them. My goal is to help you find a practice that fits you. 

I love teaching Yoga, something that actually came as a surprise! The reason I started my Yoga Teacher training was because I really wanted to understand why practicing Yoga had made me feel so much better. However when we had to teach our first practice classes in the training something clicked and I found out how amazing it is to find that one thing you might actually be meant to do! I have not looked back since.

Through Yoga I met so many people from all over the world and I found that I missed being able to practice with them. So that's when the idea for an online Membership and classes was born. You can now join me from anywhere in the world and I love being able to grow a community of like minded souls here.

A few other facts about me?

Since 2006 I have been living with my love Joost, we have a dog (Jilly) that we co-parent with my mom. I love food, both preparing it and eating it. I love music, both listening to it and playing it. I am a geek, I love tech and nerding out. I'm a gamer, a book reader (although lately I have preferred audiobooks). I love nature but find that I can also be quite happy staying in when need be (thanks for the info lockdowns!). I love love love my friends. Because they are all crazy talented at what they do, one of my favorite things to do is create beautiful things with them. 

I hope you enjoy your time here

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything!