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Then this is the place for you! For the price of 1 Yoga Class join us for 1 week with full access to both the Flow and the Restore & Relax Membership! You can join our live classes on Tuesday and use the other days to browse our constantly growing library of content created for just these memberships + the recordings of our live classes. On top of that, you get access to all Yoga Nidra Recordings so far too.....

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Every Tuesday we meet live at 7 pm CEST for Flow and at 8.30 pm CEST for Restore & Relax. The class is recorded and uploaded every Friday!


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Why choose Yoga Vayu as your studio?

a little insight as to what we will bring to your Yoga mat

To move in a way that suits your body & mind, finding what you need along the way

We've all seen photo's of people in impressive poses. While those poses might be Yoga poses, they are not what Yoga is. They are also not what we will aim for in our classes.

At Yoga Vayu we find movement in a conscious and exploratory way in all classes. Bringing awareness to how your body moves, how it feels when you move and what might make those movements better.

To feel better by bringing awareness to movement and stillness

Because once we bring awareness to our movement and to our breath, is when we start to actually communicate with ourselves. With our physical body, with our emotions and with our nervous system.

When we learn to connect to all that, is when we can find ways to take care of ourselves and nurture both our body and mind.

To enjoy curiosity as we explore all that Yoga has to offer on and off your Yoga mat.

In our classes we mix seriousness with laughter and lightness. You will be encouraged to be curious, to explore movement and to take your Yoga off your mat!

We will touch on how you can incorporate the awareness and curiosity we practice together into your daily life.

What makes the membership special?


Online doesn't mean impersonal or distant. We have found that it as an amazing way to connect to friends all over the world. We always open our virtual doors early in our live classes, giving us a chance to catch up and check in with each other.

Find what you need

Whether it's one of our monthly memberships, or a custom made package of classes, we are sure that we have the right fit for you. Browse through our options and courses and see what speaks to you! Looking for something that's not there? Let us know, we'd love to see if we can help you!

I am here for you

Unsure about what membership would fit you? Questions about a Yoga pose? Dealing with an injury and want to know how you can practice? You can always reach out and I am glad to help you. Email, WhatsApp or a video chat are easy ways for us to connect.

It's all about connection

We live for connection. From the connection between your breath and your movement. Between your mind and your body. Between you and us. Between you and other members. We know that connection to ourselves and to others make us strong. Not only that, these connections can bring deep joy. That is why we nourish connection.

Biddy Messchaert

Yoga teacher - Yoga therapist in training - Retreat organizer - Podcast and Book Club host

Biddy is the founder of Yoga Vayu and co-founder and host of The Show Up & Surrender podcast and The Zero Pressure Book Club.

Her one-on-one work with clients has prompted her to study to become a Yoga therapist. This will allow her to support her clients even better in many ways. Working trauma sensitive and with knowledge about how to work safely with people that might be suffering from injury or disease. Her 875 hour training is going well so far and she will start her case study work in the summer of 2024.

She is already a certified Yoga teacher for a variety of Yoga Styles. On her membership she focuses on embodied movement in both flow and restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra. She also hosts workshops and Retreats in the Netherlands, abroad and online! She teaches group and private sessions both online and in the greater Delft area, and wherever Yoga classes and retreats take her! While she loves teaching big groups, her heart makes a happy dance when she teaches small group and one-on-one classes.

You may also know her as the founder of Coming Home Retreats & Workshops.

She lives in Delft with Joost (husband) and Jillian (dog), loves books, music, movies, gaming and so much more!

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    Full access to both the Flow and the Restore & Relax Membership

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Financial aid is available for all Yoga Vayu organized classes and events. If you feel like you and I should get on a Yoga mat together, but don't have the financial means, reach out. I'm quite sure we can work something out. Email me: biddy@yogavayu.nl